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Employer Accreditation & Accredited Employer Work Visa

The Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) is a temporary work visa that was introduced on 4 July 2022. Employers need to be accredited to hire migrant workers on an AEWV. There are 3 steps to hiring a migrant on the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV). These are accreditation, the job check, and the AEWV application. 

Business Owner in Workshop

Purpose of Accreditation & Job Check

Accreditation and the job check ensures that employers hire New Zealanders first before they consider migrants, and if they do hire migrants, they are a viable business with good practices.

Immigration New Zealand encourages businesses to train, upskill and hire New Zealand workers before they hire migrants. If you are an employer and you cannot find suitable New Zealanders for a role, you can apply to hire migrants on the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV).


In order to do so, employers will first need to get accredited to show that they are a viable business and meet the employment and immigration standards.

Once employers are accredited, INZ requires them to advertise and get a job check to ensure that there are no suitable New Zealanders they could hire and train before the role is offered to someone from overseas.


This aims to support local employment opportunities, and ensure employers are offering attractive wages to New Zealanders before they look to recruit migrants. The job check will also help ensure migrants recruited into New Zealand on an AEWV are mostly filling higher-skilled roles.

An important point to note is that employers do not need to get accredited to hire migrants on other work visa types, such as post-study work or working holiday visas, or migrants who do work covered by the Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) scheme.

Getting Accredited

This is a new type of accreditation in which employers will need to apply even if they have been accredited under the previous system.


All employers are required to meet a minimum set of accreditation requirements, including:

  • being a viable and genuinely operating business

  • being compliant with employment, immigration, and business regulatory standards

  • completing activities to support the settlement of migrant employees.


There are different types of accreditation depending on the business model and in some cases the number of migrants employers want to hire.

Accreditation Process


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Job Check

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Information for migrant workers Applying for the AEWV

  • You cannot apply for a visa until your employer is accredited and has an approved job check.

  • Once they have done these things, they can send you an invitation to apply for the AEWV.

  • When you apply for an AEWV you will need to show health, character, skills, and experience.

  • Before you come to New Zealand:

    • ​Your employer must have a genuine job for you.

    • They must provide you with a copy of the employment agreement and a copy of the signed employment offer.

    • This agreement must comply with New Zealand labour laws and clearly show you the location, pay and working conditions for the job.

  • INZ Fee for Application for AEWV - NZD $540

  • Immigration levy paid by worker - NZD $55

  • Reconsideration of a declined AEWV application - NZD $220

  • Variation of conditions - NZD $190 

  • If you are currently living and working in New Zealand, you can continue to work under the conditions of your current visa until it expires or you no longer meet the conditions of the visa.

  • If you wish to remain in New Zealand after your visa expires by applying for an AEWV, you will need to find a job paying at or above the median wage.

  • Duration - An AEWV may be granted for the period for which the employment is offered, up to a maximum of 3 years.


Note: AEWV holders cannot be self-employed.

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