Employer Accreditation & AIP to recruit migrant workers

New Zealand economy is booming and often employers need skilled migrant workers or overseas workers to keep their businesses going.


Immigration New Zealand recognizes and understands the needs of such employers and has some of the following options for them:

Employer Accreditation: This is an option worth considering for employers who need to recruit overseas workers on a regular basis.

One of the major advantages of becoming an accredited employer is that you can employ migrant workers without having to first check if New Zealanders are available to do the work.


Some of the pre-requisites for obtaining Employer Accreditation include that you must pay a minimum base salary of $55,000, be directly responsible for the workers you employ, their work, their work conditions, etc.

Approval In Principle (AIP) to recruit overseas workers under Essential Skills Work Visa: New Zealand employers who can

A new framework has been announced that requires employers hiring migrant workers to hold 'Employer Accreditation' status with Immigration New Zealand.

establish that there are no New Zealand citizens or residence class visa holders suitably qualified by training and/or experience available, or readily available to be trained to do the work that they need, may request approval in principle to temporarily employ non-New Zealand citizens or residence class visa holder workers. 

It is particularly attractive as the employer can hire the number of migrant workers for occupations that they have obtained an AIP for without the need to repeat any labor market checks.


Besides the above, there are also policies in place like Labour Hire Employer Accreditation, Recognised Seasonal Employer Agreement to Recruit, etc. These are based on specific employer and Immigration New Zealand requirements.

How can Trusthaven Immigration help you?

The above application processes could be lengthy and difficult, requiring an in-depth preparation of documents and a thorough understanding of immigration policies. We can work with employers as per their specific needs within the paradigm of immigration policies to assist with these applications.


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