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Clearing the Job Check

Key Points

  • All jobs must pay the market rate and have terms and conditions that comply with New Zealand employment laws and standards.

  • Other job check requirements will depend on the job’s pay rate and occupation.

  • Visas for jobs paid at least 200% of the median wage can be for up to 3 years and can offer a pathway to residence.

  • All other jobs must pay at least the median wage and visas for these jobs can also be for up to 3 years.

  • The median wage will increase from NZD $27.00 an hour to NZD $27.76 an hour on 4 July 2022, when the Accredited Employer Work Visa opens for applications.

  • The median wage increase will apply to job checks submitted from 20 June 2022, when applications for the job check open.

  • Multiple positions for the same job can be included in one job check if the job details are the same (for example they have the same occupation, pay range, region or city, and minimum job requirements), and are all covered by the same advertising (where required) and proposed employment agreement.

  • INZ Job check fee — NZD $610.

  • INZ Reconsideration of declined job check — NZD $240. 

  • An approved job check is valid for 6 months or until you no longer hold accreditation, whichever is earlier.

Note: AEWV holders cannot be self-employed.

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