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Changes to Migrant Exploitation Protection Work Visa and Further MEPV Details

Introduction: Changes have recently been implemented to the Migrant Exploitation Protection Work Visa (MEPV) to enhance support for migrants facing exploitation in New Zealand. The updates, effective from October 24, 2023, aim to empower individuals who have been unable to secure a suitable job on their initial visa. This blog post outlines the key modifications and provides detailed information on applying for a further MEPV.

Changes to MEPV: Starting from October 24, 2023, individuals can now apply for a further MEPV if they haven't found suitable employment on their initial visa. The granted duration for the further MEPV will be the lesser of 12 months from the start of the initial MEPV or the expiry of the original employer-specific work visa. This ensures that the total time spent in New Zealand aligns with the duration of the original work visa. Moreover, there is no application fee for the further MEPV.

Seeking Employment Requirements: To qualify for a further MEPV, applicants must provide evidence of actively seeking at least two jobs over a four-month period or more while holding their initial MEPV. These jobs should be in a similar role to their original employer-specific work visa and meet the wage rate requirements of the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV).

Visa Conditions and Exploitation Assessment: The further MEPV will maintain the same visa conditions as the initial MEPV. Visa holders can work for any employer but cannot leave and return to New Zealand during this period. Additionally, they cannot sponsor visas for their overseas-based partner or children. Applicants do not need to resubmit their Report of Exploitation Assessment Letter, but credibility is essential to be eligible for a further MEPV.

Conclusion: These changes to the MEPV signify a commitment to providing increased support to migrants facing exploitation in New Zealand. The ability to apply for a further MEPV offers affected individuals an opportunity to secure suitable employment and escape exploitative situations.


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