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Delays for NZQA qualification assessments and English language tests. INZ eases deadlines.

Immigration New Zealand recognises that currently there are delays for NZQA international qualification assessments and English language tests and applicants may not be able to receive their assessments or sit for their tests before 9 November 2022.

As a solution INZ has made some changes to allow:

  • people submitting an EOI to make a declaration of meeting qualification points and English language requirements ahead of receiving assessment results from providers, and

  • applicants to submit a residence application using an English language test older than two years as evidence of demonstrating that they have an acceptable standard of English.

The long-term direction of the Skilled Migrant Category is being reviewed and there may be changes in the future.

If you have previously submitted an EOI, you can choose to continue or withdraw it. If you withdraw your EOI before it is selected you can request a refund.

If you want to continue, you should check your details are correct and add any new information before 9 November 2022. You can also claim any additional points.

You must ensure your EOI is up to date before selection begins.


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