Criteria for Short-term Critical Workers.

A worker needed in New Zealand for a short term role (less than six months in total) is considered an ‘other critical worker’ if:

  • they have unique experience and technical or specialist skills not readily obtainable in New Zealand, or

  • they are undertaking a time-critical role for:​

    • an approved government-to-government agreement

    • work with significant wider benefit to the national or regional economy. 

  • an approved major infrastructure project or a government-approved event, or a major government-approved programme.

Skills are considered not readily obtainable if there are no or a limited pool of available workers in New Zealand who can do the role.

Applications for those seasonal workers whose work is highly skilled or uniquely specialized may be approved. These may include:

  • highly specialist domestic veterinarians

  • vendor-appointed engineers required to install major equipment

  • an actor in a key film role.