Specialized Assistance

​There are special and out of the ordinary circumstances that a migrant may find themselves entangled in, including but not limited to –

1. Staying unlawfully in New Zealand:

If a person who is in New Zealand becomes unlawful or gets caught in circumstances beyond their control rendering them unlawful, the only way possible for them is to make a special request to Immigration New Zealand under Section 61 of the Immigration Act.


Such a request is considered by Immigration New Zealand on a case to case basis and is only granted in extenuating circumstances. We can assist you by understanding your unique circumstances, assessing the merits for making such a request, giving you clear and complete advice on such a request, preparing robust submissions on your behalf and advocating the same with INZ on your behalf.


2. Having an application for a temporary visa or residence visa declined:

There could be reasons that could result in a refusal of your temporary entry visa like work, visitor, student while you are in New Zealand. However, on closer examination of your circumstances, there could be value in requesting a reconsideration of such a declined application.


We can assist you in determining the merit of such reconsideration. Further, if there are documents or submissions that could be looked at resulting in a reconsideration of such a declined application, we can help you with its preparation and submit the same with corroborative submissions on your behalf to Immigration New Zealand.

3. Medical & Character Waiver:

If you are facing serious medical issues, you may require a medical waiver. A character waiver, on the other hand, is required if you have a historical or recent one-off conviction that needs careful deliberation under Immigration New Zealand’s character requirements.


Depending on the specific medical and/or character issues that you are facing, we can assist you with the preparation of a medical waiver and/or a character waiver as per your specific needs within the paradigm of relevant immigration instructions.


4. Other complex matters such as Special Direction, Ministerial Appeals, Appeals to Immigration and Protection Tribunal, etc:

Given your exceptional circumstances and/or any additional information that is material to the outcome of your application, we can assist you on a case by case basis for a Special Direction, a Ministerial Appeal, Appeals to Immigration and Protection Tribunal, etc.

How can Trusthaven Immigration help you?

Prior to making such a request/appeal on your behalf, we can help you in understanding the best and the most appropriate course of action for you as per your situation and circumstances.

We would like to emphasize that the above requests/appeals etc are specialized and can be quite complex. We also understand that such situations could be very difficult for a migrant. We assure you that we use our knowledge and experience to assess a person’s special
circumstances before making such a request or an appeal or an application, if deemed appropriate after due deliberation.