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Why study in New Zealand?

World-Class Education: All 8 of New Zealand’s universities are in the top 3% of the world as per QS Uni Rankings (2018-2020). They lead the way through academic excellence and personalized experiences.

The Worldwide Educating for the Future Index (2017-2019) ranks New Zealand #1 among English-speaking countries for preparing students for the future.


International Student Well-Being Strategy (2017) ranked New Zealand the #1 to have a well-being strategy for international students.


Globally recognized and respected qualifications: Make your CV valuable across the world.

The second most peaceful place to live as per the Global Peace Index, 2020.

New Zealand is rated #1 for international work rights by the Global Perspectives on International Student Employability (2019).

Out of 139 nations, New Zealand is in the top 10 for creativity as per the Global Creativity Index (2015).

Out of 127 nations, New Zealand ranks #22 in innovation as per the Global Innovation Index (2018)

Unbeatable Lifestyle: Improve your work/life balance and enjoy the stunning nature of New Zealand.

Great time to become a Ph.D. holder: Ph.D. students pay the same fees as New Zealanders. You can also work full time while completing your studies.

Work while you study: You may be able to support your studies with paid work. A part-time job gives you valuable experience in the New Zealand workplace.

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College Students

Work after study

You can apply for a work visa in New Zealand for up to 3 years after you finish your study if:

  1. you have an acceptable qualification, and

  2. held (or had applied for) your student visa before 11 May 2022.

If you applied for a student visa after 11 May 2022, you may be able to apply under the changed Post Study Work Visa.


Students undertaking a qualification at Level 7 and below (excluding bachelor’s degrees) after 11 May 2022 will only be eligible for post-study work rights if the qualification is relevant to an occupation on the Green List.


Post-study work can be for 1, 2, or 3 years depending on the level of your qualification.

Bringing family to NZ if you have a student visa

All students can support visitor visas for their partners and children. Some can also support a work visa for their partners, or student visas for their children.

Visas your family can apply for


If you hold a student visa, you can support a visitor visa for your partner and children. You may also be able to support a work visa for your partner, or student visas for your dependent children.

Visitor visa

With a visitor visa your partner and child can:

  • visit you while you are studying in New Zealand, and

  • stay for the same length of time as your student visa.

Work visa

With a work visa your partner can:

  • work in any occupation and for any employer in New Zealand

  • stay for the same length of time as your student visa

Student visa

If your dependent children get student visas, they can study at any primary or secondary school in New Zealand as domestic students.

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How can we assist you?

Trusthaven Immigration has partnered with all the top-tier universities and institutes across New Zealand. We can help students with:

1. Guidance for choosing what to study: Our team of LIAs can assess your qualifications and experience to advise a suitable course that would improve your chances of finding employment in New Zealand.  

2. Institute/University’s admission process: We will look after the entire admission process including getting the offer letter from the Institute.

3. Visa process: We can take care of the entire Visa process for you as well so that all you do is focus on your studies and on starting a new life in New Zealand.

4. If you are completing your studies, we can assist you with applying for the Post-study Work Visa.

Diversity Students
Studying Online

Dependent Child Student Visa

A dependent child can stay for the same length of time as their parent’s visa.

AGE RANGE - 19 and under


With this visa, a dependent child can:

  • join their parent in New Zealand.

  • study at a primary or secondary school in New Zealand.

  • be treated as a domestic student, which means you don’t have to pay tuition fees for them to go to school.


Dependent children of Student Visa holders are only eligible for this visa if one of their parents is in New Zealand for an approved student exchange scheme, is enrolled in a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programme in a New Zealand university, or has a New Zealand Aid Programme Scholarship.

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