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Secondary School Teachers (incl overseas) now on Straight to Residence Pathway

From this month secondary school teachers including eligible overseas secondary school teachers are on the Straight to Residence pathway to help address the pressure on secondary schools due the lack of teachers across the country.

The change allows eligible overseas secondary school teachers to apply for residence from outside New Zealand:

  • when they have an offer of employment with an accredited employer, and

  • without needing to work for 2 years in New Zealand first.

This initiative aims to address the ongoing need for qualified educators in New Zealand's secondary education sector. Under this scheme, eligible secondary teachers from overseas who have secured a job offer in New Zealand can apply for residency through the skilled migrant category. This pathway streamlines the immigration process, allowing qualified teachers to transition to permanent residency more efficiently.

The Minister of Education, Hon Erica Stanford has, emphasized the importance of attracting and retaining skilled educators to ensure the quality of education for New Zealand students. By simplifying the residency process for secondary teachers, the government aims to support schools in filling critical teaching positions and maintaining high educational standards.

This initiative aligns with the government's broader efforts to strengthen the education sector and address workforce shortages in key areas. It also reflects New Zealand's commitment to welcoming skilled professionals from around the world to contribute to the country's development and prosperity.


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