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INZ update - 2021 Resident Visa (FAQs)

How are 2021RV applications being processed?

These applications are being processed in the date order that they are received.

Which applications are accorded first priority?

Despite general prioritization of applications as per the general lodgement date order, first priority is given to 2021RV applications made before 1 March 2022.

How are INZ resources allocated for all these Skilled residence applications?

While most of INZ’s Skilled Residence staff will be assigned to process 2021RV applications, they will retain a small team of Immigration Officers processing skilled residence applications where the principal applicant is not eligible or chooses not to apply, for the new 2021RV.

Can a person who has applied for 2021RV travel overseas while their application is being processed?

Yes, it seems INZ has recently changed their stand after the High Court ruling and have now indicated that even if a person travels overseas after having lodged their RV 2021 application, the application will continue to be processed and the said applicant can travel to NZ on their new RV issued overseas.

Does it mean that the principal applicant can also travel overseas after submitting their RV 2021 application? Do we recommend this?

Yes, that’s correct. No, we don’t recommend that applicants should take this option, unless absolutely necessary as the immigration instructions that are used to determine any INZ application have not been amended to depict this change in approach.

Has INZ started processing residence applications for all offshore applicants?

Yes, in a recent court case it was ruled that the processing of residence applications submitted offshore while the border was still open should be completed. This means residence processing will recommence for all offshore applicants.

How many people would be affected by this change?

INZ will process and decide around 2,300 residence applications across all categories which had been received before the border closure. At the same time, INZ would also decide how to enable people who applied for a resident visa after the border restrictions came into force in March 2020 to travel to New Zealand. There are around 3,000 applications on hand in this category.

How many RV 2021 applications have been approved and visas issued till date?

As of 21 Dec 2021, INZ has approved 506 visa applications, and a total of 881 people have been issued visas.

Can dependent children between the ages 17 and 25 (inclusive) study in NZ as domestic students?

Yes, from early January 2022, children aged between 17 and 25 (inclusive) are eligible to be included in their parents’ 2021 Resident Visa application will be deemed domestic for tertiary education until 31 December 2023.

Can these children apply for a student visa that enables them to study in NZ?

Yes, such children may apply for a dependent child student visa that, if granted, will enable them to attend any tertiary provider as a domestic student. Successful applicants may be granted a visa with an expiry date that aligns with their parent’s temporary visa, or 31 December 2023 (whichever comes first).

Can students on this visa work part time?

Evidence of enrolment must be provided if the student wishes to obtain part-time work rights of 20 hours per week unless (at the time of submitting their student visa application) the applicant’s parent has already lodged an application for the 2021 Resident Visa which includes the applicant as a dependant.


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