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New health roles added to the Green List

The Government has added 32 new health sector roles to the Green List and will move all Green List health roles to the Straight to Residence pathway.

The roles being added to the Green List are across the health system and considered critical and nationally important. The new roles also cover specialisations within those fields.

The list includes roles in social services, education, and the justice sector that support the delivery of health services. Eligible people are encouraged to apply from 29 May 2023.

List of health sector roles going on the Green List:

  1. Addiction practitioner/alcohol & drug clinician

  2. Audiometrist

  3. Chiropractor

  4. Clinical dental technician

  5. Clinical physiologists (sleep, renal, exercise, respiratory, neurology, and cardiac)

  6. Counsellor

  7. Dental specialists

  8. Dental technician

  9. Dental therapist

  10. Dentist

  11. Dietician

  12. Dispensing optician

  13. Drug and alcohol counsellor

  14. Enrolled nurse

  15. Genetic counsellor

  16. Medical laboratory pre-analytical technician

  17. Medical resonance imaging technologist

  18. Nuclear medicine technologist

  19. Nurse practitioner

  20. Optometrist

  21. Oral health therapist

  22. Orthotic and prosthetic technician

  23. Orthotist/prosthetist

  24. Osteopath

  25. Paramedic/emergency medical technician

  26. Perfusionist (cardiac)

  27. Pharmacist

  28. Physiotherapist

  29. Play therapist (hospital)

  30. Social worker

  31. Speech language therapist

  32. Sterile processing technician

Existing roles on Green List Work to Residence pathway moving to Straight to Residence pathway:

  1. Anaesthetic Technician

  2. Audiologist

  3. Medical imaging technologist

  4. Medical laboratory technician

  5. Medical radiation therapist

  6. Occupational therapist.

  7. Podiatrist

  8. Sonographer

Existing roles on Green List Straight to Residence pathway:

  1. Clinical Psychologists

  2. Medical laboratory scientist

  3. Medical practitioners

  4. Midwife

  5. Orthoptist

  6. Physicist (Medical)

  7. Psychologists

  8. Registered Nurse

Ship Masters and Deckhands added to Bus and Truck driver sector agreement

On a separate note, in December 2022 the government announced that bus and truck drivers would have a time limited residence pathway through a sector agreement. It has now been confirmed that people who work in roles covered by the ANZSCO code 231213 Ship’s Master / Skipper, and 899211 Deck Hand will be added to the sector agreement with a time limited pathway to residency.

Skippers will need to be paid the market rate and migrant worker deckhands will need to be paid at least the median wage to utilise this sector agreement.

Details of the bus truck, and now skipper and deckhand, sector agreement are still being worked through. Full details will be announced soon with implementation expected to begin from late May.


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