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Next Parent Category Selection on 14 February 2023

The next selection for the Parent Resident Visa Category expressions of interest (EOIs) will take place on 14 February 2023.

Increase in number of EOIs to be selected

For the next selection, INZ will be selecting 1100 EOIs, which is an increase from the 370 selected previously. This is good news for people in the queue as selections may happen earlier than originally estimated.

The larger selection number is because many people in the previously selected EOIs did not meet the requirements to be invited to apply. A majority of those not invited to apply included a declaration of sponsor income lower than the current requirement.

The number of EOIs selected each quarter will continue to be adjusted as more data about the rate at which EOIs turn into approved visas becomes available. February and May 2023 selections will only be from the queue of EOIs submitted before 12 October 2022 and will be selected in date order. From August 2023, EOIs submitted on and after 12 October 2022 will be included in the selection. These will be selected by a random ballot.


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