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Partnership work visas for most partners of temporary migrant workers getting axed in Dec 2022

The Government is rebalancing the immigration system to support its plan for a higher-productivity, higher-wage economy, as it moves to fully reconnect with the world. The Rebalance has been designed to make it easier to attract and hire high-skilled migrants, while supporting some sectors to transition to more productive and resilient ways of operating, instead of relying on lower-skilled migrant workers.

From December 2022, most partners of temporary migrant workers will be granted visitor visas. If they wish to work, they will need to qualify for an Accredited Employer Work Visa in their own right.

The exception to this rule is for partners of migrants working in occupations on the Green List or being paid twice the median wage. They will continue to receive automatic open work rights. This is to ensure that New Zealand can continue to attract high-skilled migrant workers.

There are no changes to automatic open work rights for partners of New Zealanders.


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